and make them sensitive skin??

Although they are hard on the outside and have rough looking and burly, there are many men who have atopic skin and reagents. Since genetic factors, to environmental stress and, factors are involved in the majority of male skin problems such as dermatitis. This causes to increase the dehydration and deterioration of the skin barrier.

Nivea has created a range especially designed for them “sensitive” To shave or not a problem the main cause of the sensitivity of the male skin.

Nivea Sensitive Men include:

-Sensitive shave gel: for a close shave and protects skin from irritation. Also, has an extra soft gel texture and a mild fragrance. The combination of ingredients, Camomile, Hamamelis y Vitamina E, protects the skin before shaving.

GEL AFEITAR Sensitive (Alta) (1)

-Bálsamo After Shave Sensitive: Formula 0% alcohol this balm enriched with Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Vitamin E prevents burning, redness and dryness that can stop shaving skin, relieving irritation and improving the state of the same. Its extra light texture allows rapid absorption and leaves no greasy residue.

GEL AFEITAR Sensitive (Alta) (2)

-Hidratante protector SPF 15: The new protective moisturizing formula of NIVEA MEN SENSITIVE includes UVA / UVB sun protection factor and Chamomile 15.Enriquecida, Hamamelis y Vitamina E, intensely hydrates and softens the skin avoiding the burning sensation thanks to its formula 0% alcohol*.

hidratante Nivea sensitive

All products are 0% alcohol and soothing natural ingredients that prevent irritation.


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