Un perfume para cada papá

neckwear, shirts, watches…everything is permitted to honor the father if he is given away with love and honor him for his dedication and love thinking about the children. But why not a fragrance? What you are really seen giving perfume? Good…It depends on who we choose. There are many who are going strong and that have been created for parents of different tastes, attitudes and characteristics. Think about how the and help you find the right one. We present a few. Sure acertáis with the most likes.

Your father is Romantic, sensible and is awaiting the whole family? The choice is easy. Sure you will be delighted with ETERNITY NOW, made with ginger, nectar of coconut and anise, besides Moroccan cedar, tonka bean and vanilla.

Another story is if we have a father classic and elegant and supporter of exquisite essences. No doubt the perfume is doing is to BOTTEGA VENETA, a fresh and casual fragrance, very different from each other and characterized and surprised by its energizing effect.

The woodsy fragrance family is DAVIDOFF HORIZON, and very suitable for adventurous parents and very confident. Romero, tangerine and ginger are the main notes of a fragrance that will appeal to a good number of parents.

And twenty years after the release of CK ONE, who has made history among the unisex perfume, comes the turn of CK-2, another scent for men and women that comes ready to conquer the younger ones eager to share everything, even the fragrance and highly recommended at this time for parents modern and transgressors.


PVP.- Eternity, 100 ml.- 76,15 euros
PVP.- Bottega Veneta,- 90 ml, 80 euros
PVP.- Davidoff Horizon, 125 ml, 75 euros
PVP.- CK-2. Unisex.- 100 ml, 62,40 euros.

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