A hair volume and density because of Innéov Densilogy

Sporting a hearty and healthy hair is on the agenda. Hair loss on various factors (hormonal, stress, seasonal changes ...) the lack of volume and density; concerns that hair growth stagnates, are just some of the concerns we have every day and affect the hair. Thus, nutricosmetics provides complementary therapies to usual beauty routines, and that the oral route is the one for accessing the root of hair problem.


Hair growth occurs in the interior, in the bulb, and there are factors such as the environment, oxidative stress, or an unbalanced diet, that make this area and thus weaken the hair does not grow normally. To act from within and prevent hair this fall, Innéov crea Densilogy, active complex that maintains the attachment of hair growth.

Innéov Densilogy consists of vitamin D (ideal for its ability to preserve the structure of the membrane anchoring, in the deepest area) and Omega 3, Zinc plus, good for protein synthesis.

This product is especially suitable for women suffering Hair Loss and have low volume, sparseness and want to improve the look of your hair in general.


How to consume?

It is recommended to take two capsules with a meal Densilogy and accompanied by a glass of water for better absorption of the active. The treatment should last about three months for optimal results, and you can buy in pharmacies.

Besides acting in the center of hair growth, Innéov Densilogy has proved highly effective on nails, making them stronger and more resistant.

After a month of daily consumption is starting to show better quality and a higher percentage of volumen of the

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