Aesthetic treatments for skin care

We usually stay in the face and not down there, however, Summer must be careful with the skin of the neck and chest because they are areas of the body that are most exposed to solar radiation and more prone to wrinkles and spots. It is therefore very important to use high factor sunscreen before sun exposure and subsequent hydration.

The free radicals, responsible for aging and deterioration of the skin, should be addressed with the production of antioxidants in the body. To this, addition to skin care with quality products, must eat healthily, rich in vitamins B, C y E.


On the other hand, there body and facial treatments intended to provide the necessary vitamins for your skin. These can be, either injected (Mesotherapy) or applied by masks that contain these vitamins and amino acids.

La Dra. Natalia Ribé expert in Aesthetic Medicine, proposes this treatment for the skin of the neck and chest is bright and unblemished.

- Peeling médico to cleavage:

It is recommended in cases where the neckline needs more light, the peeling doctor, with that achieved exfoliate the outer layers of the skin, thereby regenerating the stratum corneum leading to healthier skin.

Depending on skin type and condition of the patient, a set of acids or other homogenization prior epidermal PH shall apply, which will cause the acid to penetrate equally throughout the skin. With this treatment the damaged surface layer is removed, leaving out the new skin will be much healthier.

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