Cum Laude for neck and décolleté

It's what we all want. That our neck and décolleté pass the test each day bravely; and if the note is outstanding, the better. And it is these two parties tend to forget in our daily treatment, as if to keep well without addressing them. We use the time to care for the face, the eye area, dark circles, crow's feet… and we set aside this area top Body.

Family Dinner, parties with friends and especially…dresses that test our good figure, but also defects. The neck and décolleté live their splendor at many times of the year, but especially in summer after having spent a few months virtually the entire body hiding under wraps, raincoats, jerseys y bufandas.

body_solution_senos Skin Method

What to do with the cleavage wrinkles or the sagging neck? Do not panic and tissues esconded. There is no time to pretend that we a collar. There is time to recover the smoothness of the neck to make it look super smooth and rejuvenated. How? The solution to give the “the closing” have it Skin Method which has launched an appropriate treatment for this area. Promotes naturally volume thanks to its components toning and firming peptides. In other words, acts as an invisible bra breast enhancing naturally, providing greater volume, elasticity and firmness.

Price: 24,95 €. Available in Carrefour Planet

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