Sírvete un Juicy shaker de Lancôme

Wonderful! So I rate this product, that insurance will paste this spring strong. Juicy Shaker de Lancôme, It is not a gloss, nor an ordinary lip. It is a biphasic oil lip. A mixture of oil, color pigments and aromas that make it an object of worship for beauty addicts. & nbsp;

Its design mini shaker makes you feel like further test its effect. And the operation manual recommends “shake before using”, so that the mixture reaches your lips correctly with the right color: bright and fresh.

& Nbsp; it has launched 20 tones, each more appealing by the sight and smell, because their fruity aromas will make you want to eat it. Ringtones as Wild Mango, or piece of cake, invite, at least to inhale their delicious fragrance. I leave some examples:

LEMON EXPLOSION. A sparkling pink and full of life, whose fragrance is inspired by the energy drinks.

MINT TO BE. the rare, the different. A slightly bluish, acting as trim lip. His blue tone enhances the natural color.
WALK THE LIME. An orange acid with a spicy touch and smell Lima.
PIECE OF CAKE. Almond flavoring, and as appetizing as a freshly baked cake.

BERRY TALE. pink, deep and intense, releasing delicious notes of blackcurrant.
WONDER MELON. Fuschia inspired by a juicy watermelon.

VANILLA POP. Rosa stick with vanilla scent.

BOOM MERINGUE. orange rose with notes of lemon meringue. & nbsp;

MANGOES WILD. orange tone character scented handle.

BERRY IN LOVE. A pink acidulated as a freshly picked berry, que exhala divinas notas de mora.

Price: 22€

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