What is and how to treat melasma

The melasma no es ni más ni menos que manchas en la piel. Above all, the face and neckline are your favorite areas of settlement and its appearance is due to prolonged sun exposure. It is more common in dark-skinned women pregnant em. Su mecanismo desencadenante puede estar relacionado con la presencia de receptores de estrógeno en los melanocitos que son estimulados para que produzcan más melanina. But
there are other factors such as drug, Thyroid dysfunction, ovarian, cosmetics, stress and more important: Prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV.


How to prevent and treat:

-Reducing sun exposure and using protection.

-Apply skin lightening creams containing, above all, Vitamin C, Kojic acid, licorice derivatives and flavonoids.

-Salicylic acid peels, retinoic, kojic and azelaic.

-Dual Fraxel Laser.

For more information on this subject that concerns both women, we interviewed Dr. Tufet. medical director of the Clinical Tufet, Barcelona.

- What is the relationship of melasma with pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time when the maximum variation occurs estrogen hormone in women and this makes it upgraded the production of melanin in the most sensitive to estrogen stimulation , such as facial areas where melasma is located, or abdominal linea alba.

- Why is more frequent appearance?

Because of the large increase in estrogen and chronological age matched hormone production peaks.

- What can be done to prevent?

The genetic predisposition to suffer it is, prevention so that is not so apparent is to avoid sun exposure and if done always with sunscreen

- Does it affect food?

Not , but the more health care has , appear less intense

- What kind of food favors the non-appearance?

Foods rich in beta- carotene as carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, peaches and pumpkins, red juices, help reduce the intensity in his appearance.

- If we perform a laser fraxel, recommended when carrying it out?

When you have spent time sun exposure, as the skin is swollen and is less sensitive to the action of laser.
The time to do it is from the last weeks of October and varnias always require more sessions spaced a month between them.

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