Prevention and hydration stand up to atopic dermatitis

More of 20% de los niños españoles sufren Dermatitis Atópica, a chronic skin disease that has increased more than 200% in recent years and usually associated with outbreaks and have their sharper peaks in spring and autumn. Times when itching, eczema and discomfort become more defendants.

It often happens that the products are used only when the buds begin to appear or when the skin has its own irritations, whereby the acute phases tend to enlarge over time and cause discomfort and itching in both adults and children.

But, Why is it necessary to treat this condition all year round and not just in times of outbreaks? Because the best treatment is prevention. Keep skin hydrated continuously adapted products will make it possible to space the interbrote period or even that they are less aggressive.

Atopic various causes trigger outbreaks: feeding, temperature changes, environmental agents and synthetic fabrics and many others. Also, maintain good hydration helps those external agents can not come so easily in the body, since the protective barrier of the skin is healthy and can perform its function.

Eucerin recomienda su gama AtopiControl como tratamiento de cuidado y prevención durante todo el año para frenar los brotes atópicos. And AtopiControl Crema Forte, formulated without cortisone, is an innovative product unique in the market and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin of babies.

En cuanto a la dermatitis del pañal afecta al 25% Babies. It is not serious, but very annoying for infants. The causes that lead may be several, from the most common such as contact with feces and urine, poor hygiene and diseases like allergies to components of diapers, Children psoriasis or lack of zinc in the baby.

Eucerin recomienda 

mantener la zona bien seca, changing diapers often and avoiding putting too tight. Also, se debe lavar la zona con agua tibia evitando frotar con productos agresivos como las toallitas que contienen alcohol o perfumes. 

Clinical studies conducted by Dr.. Rosa Taberner, Dermatóloga del Hospital Son LLatzer en Palma de Mallorca han mostrado la eficacia de Eucerin® Aquaphor para el tratamiento de la dermatitis del pañal.

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