very long eyelashes with Lilash

We all watch with envy as they move their precious lashes some women and, above all, Many celebrities. They are long lashes, curly and thick. !Too bad no such luck and make our look more interesting! Do not complain. Solution, The Secret Weapon, is already at hand or, to be more exact, our eyes.

Lilash-Juncal Rivero

The secret of those looks of stroke is called Lilash and is an effective extension tabs, from America and sold as in Spain. What really works? Juncal Rivero, model, actress, TV presenter and former Miss Spain, has tested the product and ensures that it is true:

My eyelashes have grown, have thickened –says– to the point where crystals collide with some of my sunglasses.

And just as Juncal, signature image, attest to the effectiveness of several journalists Lilash, beauty magazine editors, of Spain and Mexico. The same applies to a liquid eyeliner and the formula is smooth and free of salts, what prevents irritation.

Four weeks is sufficient to see results from this serum that enhances the image and beauty of eyelashes

The price, 86 euros, may seem excessive, but bear in mind that, well used, hard 6 months.

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  1. monica
    15/07/2013 at 16:08 (4 years ago)

    un poco caro, pero me ha picado la curiosidad :-)


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