Perfumes with rock soul. Room 1015

A doctor in Pharmacy reconverted rocker, two prestigious perfumers and a mythical hotel room. Este trío inesperado es el responsable de Room 1015, a new fragrance brand that has just arrived in Spain and which involves two antagonisms: pdsicodélico extravagance of rock and romance of niche fragrances. La marca se presentó en el espacio dedicado a la belleza de autor, Le Secret du Marais

El rockero fracés doctor Mike eligió a dos perfumistas Amelie Bourgeois y Anne-Sophie Behagel para crear una línea de fragancias unisex que recogiera sus memorias olfativas basadas en la música. And the result is four perfumes author: Antramental, flower Cult, Electric Wood, and Power Ballad. Evoke feelings as rocking as the smell of a guitar, the tattoo ink, the mane of a groupie, or taste of a first kiss.

The brand name, Room 1015 It is a tribute to the glory days of rock and the hotel room, in Los Angeles, the favorite of the Rolling Stones and The Who, the room happened to the music history for being the most times has been shattered by musicians.

Electric Wood is inspired by the smell of an electric guitar and uses to get nutmeg, oakwood, iris and musk; while Atramental, smelling the tattooed skin of a rocker, takes bergamot. black pepper and saffron. Floral and Eastern, Plums Cult inclye purple, violetam cinnamon and vanilla; y Power Balland, inspired by a love story, It has been produced from lemon, mint, grapefruit and cedar.
 Price: 120 €.
Sales in niche stores.

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