Oceanyx. The power of the ocean skin

We all know the benefits of seaweed. Vitamins, peptides and other real good skin actives, come together to create 6 unique serums for every need. Oceanyx offers natural products from the sea. His creative, Ana Rodriguez Mosquera, always aimed to find an effective response to sensitive issues and atopic skin, and got.

A serum for each edad and hydration needs, regeneration and repair. 6 treatments, morning and evening the results are seen from the first week.

Serums Oceanyx

-Cellular Serum Platinum moisturizer-of 25-35 years old. Provides superior and essential for cell regeneration and moisturization of the skin collagen, increasing its volume and maintaining moisture without adding fat. 80€

-Cellular Serum Platinum vitamin. Of 25-35 years old. Its combination of Vitamins A, B and C provides flexibility and regeneration from the deeper layers of the skin (Vitamin-A), increased collagen synthesis (Vitamin B)
and breaks the melanin, correcting uneven pigmentation. 100€

-Cellular Serum Platinum rejuvenator. Of 35-45 years old. Reduction of deep wrinkles and lines expresión.120 €

-Cellular Serum Platinum repairman Of 35-45 years old. this serum stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and fibronectin, avoiding thinning skin and loss of elasticity and helping to slow the aging process of tejidos.130 €

-Cellular Serum Platinum Firming +45 years old. With a high capacity of skin penetration, formed on its surface a film which retains the water from the dermis, avoiding the loss of volume and mineral salts that decrease aportanto signs of fatigue and tiredness. 150€

-Cellular Serum Platinum regenerator +45 years old. Stimulates the activity of epidermal stem cells for enhanced self-healing from within, softening the furrows and reaffirming the skin esctructura. 200€



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