Nivea teaches you the footsteps of the sun on your skin

Every summer we get the same questions. We will protect our skin properly?, be enough solar factor?,we will be doing well?…It is no news that UV rays leave traces and have a cumulative and irreversible effect. Nivea So the answer really made the biggest question of all; which has accumulated actual damages our skin?

The collaboration with artist Thomas Leveritt, NIVEA gets to make visible what was invisible. Thanks to a UV camera can see the damage that solar radiation has caused skin over the years and how we protect solar products. This study has shown that sunscreen makes the difference.
If you're curious to see your skin inside the UV chamber, sign up here and soon you will be told so you can check the health of your skin and that of your family. In this manner, You know the best way to protect and look for the right sunscreen.


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