“mini-instinct”. The latest in cosmetic surgery

Llego el Ipad mini, a smaller room than the original, el Galaxy mini 2, S2, S4…mini mini nail polishes and cosmetics and all items that you can imagine in a miniature version, to, at least, air travel. No wonder that in terms of surgery also receive this concept somewhere. Is the case of mini-instinct, which is nothing else than the version ligth the classical Liposuction. But, Look out! not suitable for everyone, are specifically aimed at those who still have a good figure and without being overweight, have localized fat deposits in areas such as the cartridge, knees or abdomen.

The Dr. Vicente Paloma, plastic and aesthetic surgeon Teknon Medical Center Barcelona and SECPRE member, is one of the leading experts in Spain in this technique.


Their results argue that position as best treatment to eliminate localized fat in areas such as the cartridge, abdomen, or knees, and in those cases where doing exercise or diet still not achieved remove such accumulations. It is a fairly simple procedure and also, in most cases under local anesthesia without revenue. It is based on traditional liposuction,

Dr.. Vicente Paloma, plastic surgeon and specialist in this technique, makes a small incision in the area through which the hollow cannula inserted. At the far end, The cannula is attached a machine that produces vacuum. Dr. breaks sucks grease and moving the cannula from the fatty deposits located under the skin. Once the intervention, and if the patient wants, the doctor can take to fill excess fat from small areas such as cheeks or lips to larger areas such as breasts or buttocks, according fat amount extracted.

mini lipos-Dr.VicentePaloma

This technique is very comfortable, because the patient did not suffer side effects may be your own fat, explains Dr.

After the intervention was recommended placing a strip, or elastic bandage over the treated area for the mini-liposuction to control the swelling and get help skin adapt to the new contour, during a 3-4 weeks. However, You can return to the routine of two days on average.

Price: from 2.700€ to 4.800€

Where: Teknon Medical Center, Barcelona. Tel. 93 393 31 81

Centro médico Téknon

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