Christmas menu for pregnant

If you are pregnant, here are some tips page disfrutatuembarazo for how to act during these days. Some points are hard, but worth the sacrifice.

- breakfast is very important, you should not skip it or make it lighter. It is important not to get hungry at mealtime to avoid eating more than you need. & Nbsp;

- Eat everything, but controlled. The light portions are easier to digest, is especially appropriate when you are pregnant because digestion is slower and heavy.

- Nutritionists recommend chew each bite an average of 20 times. And & nbsp; better digest food and the brain send the feeling of fullness.

 – Drink water, of 2 a 2,5 l, and purifies, also, manages to increase the feeling of satiety. & nbsp;

- Salt controls. If you can avoid it, best; never vintages.

 – If you can, dispenses dessert, except in the case of fresh fruit.

 – During the long desktops, Have on hand a handful of raw almonds to avoid falling into the temptation of snacking or nougat candy.

 – Distributes meals, five or six a day are healthier three.

 – Steam, oven and iron are the healthiest cooking. Avoid breaded and fried.

 – Dispenses soft drinks and sweetened.

Lucia Bultó, nutritionist and collaborator, proposes a menu for these days

Weight should be monitored especially. The temptations, sometimes the 'excuse' of being pregnant allows the mother to end a licensing parties will have a kilo of course more difficult to be able to go down and that will drag the rest of the pregnancy ".

To avoid this, Menus Compensados ​​nutritionist proposes that counter & nbsp; the excesses and allow you to enjoy the Christmas delicacies without the weight or unbalanced health.

In find more tips on food.

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