The commandments of beauty (I)

And cleanse your skin exfoliaras; shalt worship the moisturizing; sanctify the sera, Sunscreen will love…these are some of the main commandments of beauty that will help keep your skin, both the face and body, healthy, young, soft, bright with good tone. Hard to enforce?? None of that. It's all good habits and a few minutes a day. And, course, some cosmetics, that make life more comfortable.

The first commandment we recommend cleaning the skin twice daily or, in case of laziness, lack of time or unwillingness, once a day. And with daily cleansing your skin will thank you, and much, that twice weekly exfoliate. Is, as you know, for a more thorough cleaning and a way to get rid of dead cells. This command applies the same for exfoliating the face to the body.

Biotherm Firm corrector

Biotherm Firm corrector


exfoliation step by step

-It is very important that the skin is damp before, so the best time to do, is after a hot shower.

-These products contain small granules which when applied to the skin remove dead cells and revitalize the skin.

-Apply the product all over the body with the help of a mitt gentle circular motions.

-A good massage can output the active ingredients that are responsible for carrying out the mission "scrappage".

-Pay special attention to the most rough and longer dedícales

-Let stand a few minutes the product and the result jump in sight.

-Last, well washed, and remove the remnants of granules.

-Tops it off with a good moisturizer, insisting on the driest areas such as elbows, heels and knees.

-For the face is almost the same system. With clean, damp face well, apply your product with the hands and through each area in a circular motion, avoiding the area around eyes and mouth.

-Attention. No more of you exfolies of times a week.



Once clean, exfoliated skin touches one of the most important commandments: that of hydrate. Do not forget that pollution, the use of makeup and oxidation, inter alia, make the skin of dirt accumulating excessive degree, the naked eye in the note, but it creates a patina of dirt on face and body, a blockage of the pores and a lack of brightness must stop. Sana, soft, clean and bright. There are sound the four essential characteristics of the skin.

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