L'Oreal Perfect Accord tells the story of your skin

The skin of each woman is unique and so Perfect Agreement of L'Oréal created #historiademipiel, an application that tells you the story of your skin so that you can then share with the world through social networks.

The little nuances make no skin is equal to another. Hence Perfect Agreement Makeup offers tailor-made for every skin type. Various shades to suit those nuances and manage to create a story for every woman.

Since choosing the perfect makeup is a difficult task for the result to be as natural as possible, Perfect Accord helps you solve this riddle, How?, thus adapting to every skin type regardless of the tone and undertones, thus achieves a finished 100% natural and becomes perfect base makeup on all occasions. No woman can resist find that second skin flawless and its improved version.

accord perfect

This application is intended for all women with the sole intention of demonstrating that each story is unique as the skin. Sign in http://www.historiademipiel.es and follow the steps. At the end you will make a test of six questions on the skin to see what your monotone Perfect Accord. Whatever the story of your skin, Perfect agreement is the Calcara.

This video reflects perfectly the Perfect Accord message through the ambassadors of L'Oréal. At the end they have their personal history, different and unique and this makeup fits in all.


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