Lipotransference, removable grease

It is the desire of many: “I take from here and place it here”… is no longer a utopia through the lipotransference, that involves removing fat from the body parts leftover, mainly abdomen y cartucheras, then insert them into other parts of the body, with the assurance that there will be no rejection because it is the patient's own fat.

Dr. Jose Aparicio Alcazar,specialist in plastic surgery, restorative and aesthetic London Clinic answered 10 most important questions about this aesthetic intervention.

- What is this treatment?

Lipotransference involves the combination of liposuction techniques and filler. With the first we get the reduction and modeling of conflict zones of our body (cartridge, abdomen, thighs, back etc…) own fat and use that as a filler to increase and model the desired areas (mamas, buttocks, calves, scar revision, etc.). This surgery is a breakthrough because it is a 'two in one' highly effective.

- How long does the intervention? Can it be done on the same day liposuction and increased localized volume?

The duration of the intervention depends on the number of areas that we want to deal, the amount of fat to be extracted and the volumes we want to remodel. For example, to a significant increase in breast, use about an hour and a half to perform liposuction / liposculpture tissue donor sites and about an hour for processing, refined and subsequent placement of chest fat. Placing fat and increased volume to occur simultaneously to liposuction, so we're talking about a two in one procedure.

-What type of anesthesia is used (general, epidural, local…)?

Use general anesthesia usually supported by infiltration of local anesthetic. This helps us to have a postoperative patient comfortable and pain.

-What preparation must follow before surgery? What post-operative care?

Before and after the intervention is necessary to assure proper cleansing and skin care. We encourage patients to hydrate your skin daily with firming creams from one week before surgery to ensure good elasticity and skin quality, both the areas and the areas liposuctioned increase.

-What benefits involves using one's own fat to fill in areas?

The key benefit is that we always talk about using the patient's own tissues. Thereby, We avoid situations as possible intolerance or rupture of an implant. Also, associated with this procedure liposuction achieve great improvements in areas with fat deposits that neither stricter diet, or continued exercise, able to reduce.

-How long do the benefits? Does it need tweaks?

From the third postoperative month and the final result is permanent and usually this operation requires no tweaks. Part deserves consideration the possibility that a patient desires a high breast volume. If this is the case you have to plan a two-stage intervention to ensure successful integration of fat in the treated area - avoiding risks and complications- and get an excellent result.

-There are contraindications?

Contraindications are relative and depend on the quality of each patient tissues, and the availability of fat in each case. The age or being overweight is not a problem for this type of surgery but it is heavy smoking (more than a pack a day), decreases dramatically as the percentage of surviving in the marbling fat. As always, Plastic and reconstructive surgery, each case should be individualized to offer the patient the best possible outcome with the maximum guarantees of success.

-Can you get fat with liposuction and save it for possible future landfill?

Not, today it is not possible although there are new lines of inquiry in this matter, given the huge potential and restorative aesthetic that has the lipotransference.

-How long has been performing this surgery? What about London Clinic?Can have side effects?

In London Clinic several years we have been performing this surgery and certainly is an intervention that increasingly sought by our patients. Like any intervention, if done correctly has minimal complications. Within them, lack of engraftment of fat in the most important would be transferred, but fixable in most cases.

-How much does this treatment?

The price depends on the desired liposuctioned fat from donor areas and infiltrate in receiving areas, but it is usually from the 3.700 euros.


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