properties of Argan oil

this component originating in Morocco has been a valuable secret until a few years. and is that a secret of this caliber should not stay hidden long enough, for the sake of humanity. What is the mystery? The Argan tree keeps a wonderful fruit whose seeds yield oil and use prominently in cosmetics. Body Massages, rashes improve, Acne Treatment, striations… These are just some of its benefits for body beauty, but today is the protagonist of many hair products, for its high vitamin E content makes it an excellent antioxidant. Adds shine and dry hair resistance, off and brittle. This is due to its content of lupeol, which favors the production of keratin, main component of epidermis, nails and hair.

Today I want to talk about Liquid Gold, the new range of hair care Salon Hits. It is ideal for all hair types and will provide all the benefits you need: intensive care and beauty and spectacular shine. Orolíquido is a four-step ritual consists of shampoo, conditioner, complete with mask and hair oil Orolíquido, that already existed in the market.

Oroliquido salon Hits

The secret of its success lies in the mixture of three oils selected exclusive and luxurious beauty rituals of ancient civilizations:

-Argan Oil: The secret of Berber women to protect their skin and hair from the harsh desert. Known as "the liquid gold of the desert” Aporta brillo, sweetness and light.


-Cyperus oil: One of the beauty secrets of Queen Cleopatra, que utilizaba este aceite en sus rituales de belleza para conseguir un cabello suave, smooth, flexible, with volume and manageable.


-Flax Oil: Extracted from the seeds of flax, This oil has been used by ancient Mediterranean civilizations as secret beauty ritual. Seals and smoothes the hair cuticle and provides uniformity, control and instant shine.


- Shampoo Orolíquido: gently cleanses hair, letting light and incredibly bright.

Format: 300 ml. RRP 3,30 euros

- Orolíquido Conditioner: detangles and leaves hair silky, manageable and flexible.

Format 250 ml. RRP 3,30 euros

- Mask Orolíquido: moisturizes and repairs hair in depth.

Spread evenly over the hair and leave on for 3 a 5 minutes before rinsing. To enhance moisturizing and restorative mask simply add a few drops of Oil Orolíquido.

Format 250 ml. RRP 4,60 euros

For an unparalleled finish and shine, applying ritual ends, on wet or dry hair, the Oil Orolíquido. RRP 10,20 euros

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