Labios irresistibles con Sensai

It is shown and no one disputes. A healthy face, clean and well hydrated is the first commandment of female beauty. And if you add makeup well, It would be reached near perfection. Aware of that maxim, Sensai launches these days
Sensai SILKY DESIGN ROUGE, the new collection of lipstick that firm.

Silky and light, each lip provides nutrition and glides effortlessly thanks to its formula of soothing balm. And besides being perfect as much as lipstick or eyeliner, these lipsticks provide a clear definition to design and enhance their beauty.

Among the main active ingredients include sunflower oil extracted from sunflower seeds, an oil that has superior moisturizing properties and is exceptionally smooth skin; Silk extract Koishimaru, The most delicate silk Japan, which provides moisturizing properties for smooth and exquisite texture.

ROUGE SILKY DESIGN has six reddish hues inspired by silk and suit every woman: DR01 DR02 DR03 DR04 DR05 DR06; and that match the names of Soubi, Ebicha, Hiiro Koubainioi, Beniukon, y Nisemomoiro. The history of red that was traditionally used to denote authority and wealth between the Japanese nobility.

Red symbolizes life, vitality and faith. The various shades of red, inspired by the tradition of Kasane colors - from vibrant crimson to dark purple or soft pink - represent nature and the changing seasons and remains a very significant color in modern Japanese culture

Aplicación: After preparing the lips with LIP BASE, outline the arch of the upper and lower lip and then fill.

PVP.37,50 €

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