La urticaria tiene solución

Today I want to talk health, without further ado. Problem faced by many people & nbsp; who have been forced to change their lifestyle for this disease: urticaria.
This video explains the case of Maria Josefa. Victim of chronic urticaria fifteen years after food poisoning. She tells how it changed his life to live with the symptoms of this disease. He suffered in silence, he felt the social rejection, Reluctantly impotence and because of the consequences and the effects of medication to which he submitted. & nbsp;

At least, Josefa had the support of her husband and managed to get ahead. However, his life took a turn when a 23 December underwent her first treatment session with Novartis and the next day was “happy and as new”.

Josefa has not returned to have another outbreak…

His advice to other people with urticaria:

to fight, seeking other medical and alternatives because no solution and can come back to life

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