The QR bracelet that identifies you with a scan

What if we had a few gadgets in our lives, born bracelet as chula, with that in a single scan with a smartphone tells us a lot of data about the person wearing.

Laboratories Omega Pharma are responsible for this invention in Spain, SilinCode SOS, silicone bracelet with QR code that helps protect the ones you love.

How it works?

Through QR code, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access a personal profile and find important information such as: name, relevant medical information or contact the people you contact in case of emergency or disorientation. An ideal complement to protect children, elderly, people with serious conditions and even risk sports or motor.

Silincode SOS_Pulsera_Niño_Azul

Each code Silincode SOS are different, so each will be customizable profile with information such as personal data, the contact person to notify in case of emergency, medical information…

There are two models bracelet: one for adults and one for children, both in different sizes and colors (purple, black, the rojo azul) and there is also a sticker version for engaging in helmets or other items. Scanning the QR code will know what our.

Silincode SOS. Price: 19,95 €

For sale in pharmacies

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