La Maison Eduardo Sanchez at the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis

“I think repeat!” That was just what I thought when leaving La Maison Eduardo Sanchez in his Skylounge Mutua Madrid Open Tennis. A fabulous corner in The Box, where Eduardo Sánchez, Barber official Tournament, created a unique space.

A relaxing experience, exciting and unique

Eleven days without rest, lounge with open around the clock and many personalities going to the hairdresser, in which, once more, Eduardo was the official hairdresser.

It is exhausting, but also rewarding to be with so many friends and customers in this location so special, so full of passion.

Eduardo explains about his work at the Mutua Open Tennis.

This time, Eduardo Sánchez house collaborated branded hair treatment Leonor Greyl, known for its formulas based on the purest and most effective botanical extracts and silicone free, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Its President and Chief, Caroline Greyl, Eduardo was with this edition, and was admired the level of attendance at the show SkyLounge.

Customers like Susana Griso; Manolo Santana and his wife, Claudia Rodriguez; The Interior Tomas Alia; Businesswoman Mary Suelves; actress Cristina Brown ("There is no one alive"); actor Alejandro Albarracin ("Tierra de Lobos", “Los Borgia”); Carmen Martinez Bordiú and the marriage of the model Helen Swedin and footballer Luis Figo.

Also, we went journalists world of beauty and we could not be more delighted with what we saw, treatment as close and loving and the result of our looks. I take very good memories of this day, in which, I was also lucky enough to see Nadal playing on the track and with prime views.

Eduardo Sanchez y Maria Villora

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