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They say they do not reach the recommended daily intake fiber, and that most of the Spanish diet we are always (add). The brand All-Bran has done some studies on the subject and has concluded that “fiber consumption in Spain has gone from 27 grams per day 1964 a 18,19 g / day today”. To understand the importance of increasing consumption, remember that experts recommend consuming 30 grams per day. Namely, we improved, but we still do not achieve the recommended amount. Experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be complete including cereals, dairy and fruit. It is the ideal time to incorporate easily fiber is already included in these foods, so we must NOT skip this food for the world.

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What about the pregnant?. To discuss this point, we have interviewed Dr. Miguel Bixquert, Spanish expert Digestive Foundation (FEAD), that explains what about the fiber if we have a baby.

  • How important is the fiber intake in pregnant women?, why?

Pregnancy is a physiological state in which important changes occur in the body of the woman, that pose significant physical and can influence their present and future health. During this period the va require an extra contribution of nutrients, they shall both eat foods that Mother, and their own body reserves.

Has shown that a diet rich in fiber during pregnancy prevents excess weight (risk becoming more common), prevents constipation (a common problem in pregnancy), reduces glucose intolerance (Gestational diabetes), decreases cholesterol levels and prevents the risk of preeclampsia (stress rises during pregnancy).

  • How much fiber is recommended to consume during pregnancy and what foods?, cereals are a good choice?

It indicates that daily fiber intake from food, pregnancy, should be among the 25-30 g / day (depending on the size of women). Besides the advantages mentioned in the previous answer, a diet rich in fiber promotes gradual weight loss, after birth and during lactation. It is convenient to take all kinds of foods with fiber (vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, nuts, whole fresh fruit juices-no- and high-fiber cereals), but we must remember that the fermentable fiber, vegetables predominant, legumes and certain vegetables and fruits, favors the accumulation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract, what causes abdominal distention and bloating if taken exclusively or primarily, while bran cereals (panarios products and breakfast or snack) fermented and have no such side effects.

  • How can influence fiber intake in the fetus?

The increase in dietary fiber intake during pregnancy (should be progressive if not had this custom), significantly reduces the risk of increased cholesterol, obesity, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia in the mother. Therefore, that influences the fetus has a proper weight and provided, preventing macrosomia (giant fetus), Hyperglycemia and potholes hypoglycemic compensators (that can affect brain development), and the hypercholesterolemia. This prevents various risks: the preterm birth, or caesarean section on maternal metabolic decompensation and even fetal mortality increased in the third quarter.

  • and postpartum, What advice should be followed?

It depends whether the mother is breastfeeding her baby, o no. Si amamanta a su hijo, six months have recovered the original composition of your body because fat reserves will be used during pregnancy made, throughout lactation.

As general advice indicates the following four rules:

a) caloric intake 2.500-2.800 cal / day, depending on the physical activity that develops. This can be achieved through daily eating Kg. two bowls of bread or whole grain, and adding a pint of semi-skimmed milk additional, to the usual diet.

b) drink plenty of fluids: a glass of water, semi-skimmed milk, teas or broths, every time you nurse.

c) take 10 mg / day of iron daily (a plate of cockles, bluefish, the white meat, with the addition of lemon juice), asociado vitamin C (Natural preferably contained in citrus fruits, kiwis y frutas rojas).

d) avoiding coffee and tea (no chocolate) because (especially the latter) decreasing the intestinal absorption of dietary iron.

If you do not breastfeed your child, the diet of the mother in the postpartum pregnancy will be like before, with special attention to three aspects: levels in the blood (reduce salt intake if applicable), blood glucose levels, and lipid levels and cholesterol (established by proper diet clinician) and no strenuous exercise, complementary. It is important to know that daily sleep over 7-8 not increase the weight hours, but regulates. Instead sleeping less than 6-7 evening hours tending to overweight ago.


To make it easier for our expectant mothers, I discovered the hand of Samantha Vallejo-Nájera 3 High fiber recipes very easy prepare.
NP_All-Bran[1]Red Fruit Crumble

Apples - 50 data g
Blueberries and Raspberries - 20g and 20 g
All-Bran Crujiente only gives - 50 g
Put in a single mold raspberries along with blueberries and diced apple; bake at 180 degrees until fruit is tender. Remove, have All-Bran Crunchy Vanilla and bake 3minutes more. Serve hot.
NP_All-Bran[2]ALL-BRAN con Tiramisu Choco

Cafe: 250 g
Mascarpone: 50 g
Azúcar Glass: 10 g
Cocoa: for dusting
All Bran Choco: 60 g

Make coffee and immerse 60g All-Bran Choco to soak. Remove and put the pads on the container chosen. Mix the mascarpone with icing sugar to taste and pour over the coffee pads. Repeat with remaining product All-Bran Choco and ended up sprinkling the cocoa.
NP_All-Bran[1]Bananofée with ALL-BRAN bizcochito

Brown sugar: 10 g
Dulce de leche: 5 g
1 Bizcochito All-Bran: 40 g

Peel the bananas and cut into strips measuring the All-Bran cookie. In a skillet brown sugar, when it is hot put the strips of banana on top to brown on both sides. On a plate place a serving of All-Bran cookie, help with a spoon to crank up the caramel and finally place the cooked banana.
Flavor, efficiency and healthy eating, go together by All-Bran that, offers innovative responses to the needs of all those who want to take a balanced diet without having to compromise on taste. Break the myth that healthy does not know what rich.


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