The exaltation of the senses. A*men pure Tonka

Thierry Mugler he uses his experience as a creator of perfumes to offer your hero, A*Men, a new reinterpretation of his strength and his manhood ... And in the central note of his new perfume introduces a noble material, rigorously selected, which transforms the hero A * Men in a contemporary gentleman with an irresistible power of seduction: tonka bean.
A torrefied notes tonka bean toast. Delicious, soft and sensual. The star of the fragrance ingredient that gives it its highly addictive nature and its eastern dimension. The fragrance combines steamy carnal intensity and tonka bean with aromatic freshness of lavender. Its sensual trail represents temptation. The burning body of desire that surrounds us in a fever and leads to a complete abandonment of the senses.

This time, the perfume is a creation of perfumer for Givaudan Jacques Huclier limited edition. As the bottle, Sophisticated, like a modern gentleman, the iconic rubber pouch A * Men comes lacquered black shoes image "derby" or the shiny hood patent shoes sports man A * Men Pure Tonka, always distinguished and elegant.

While, Blue Star A * Men is transformed into a warm star, full of subtlety, shades of pink with gold metallic, evoking the mysterious and greedy central note of the fragrance.

Clarins Fragrance Group, Responsible luxury, He reports that the tonka bean used in this fragrance comes from sustainable development: to collect it, Givaudan has established a conservation program in the region of the Caura River, in Venezuela, which it has the support of the world organization Conservation International.

A * Men Pure Tonka  74 €

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