The era of facial fillers

It is a fact that a volume face is synonymous with youth and we live in a time to stop by any aesthetic clinic scheduled to have a facial filler is very normal and. What's behind these small interventions?

Many types of filler, but today we will talk about the temporary. As account Dr. Daniel Arenas, Medical Director Merz Aesthetics, these “trying to recover in a natural way without going through surgery optimal facial volume distribution”. Their results are very natural and last up to one year after its injection. Thus “We got so achieving a youthful appearance record a lifting effect ", explains. The doctor uses Radiesse, An aqueous gel microspheres suspended CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite). These microspheres get a double result: volume provide a smoothing effect achieved immediately and stimulate the production of natural collagen. So it is a pretty safe method and one of the best to treat sagging of the face with a resorbable filler.

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Thanks to the application of Radiesse "visible effect immediately got a very homogeneous but also, through stimulation of collagen production, this product gets dermis strengthen and improve its structure "notes Dr. Daniel Arenas, aesthetic medicine specialist. Thus would get the call "Effect V" which redefines facial lines, the lifts and adds volume wherever each person needs, giving a rejuvenated appearance.

Price: from 450 €

We recommend two to three sessions, depending on the case, spaced 4 and 6 weeks. Although the effects of this treatment are immediate, maximum results observed for 2 the 3 months after the first session, effects lasting up to a year that is when there is stimulation of the skin's own collagen.

After surgery there is usually no side effects as it is a very safe material, all that can occur is, As with any injection, a small bruise or redness around the area that disappears within a few days.


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