Botany at the service of beauty

Hyaluronic acid microspheres, superoxide dismutase, vitamina C y factor de crecimiento tripeptido-1 de cobre son los principales ingredientes de Youth Intensive Crème, el nuevo lanzamiento de Is Clinical that hydrates, tightens and rejuvenates the face and has been specially formulated for mature skin, dry and dehydrated.

This new cosmetic launch –distributed in clinics– part of the products of this brand, the only market with cosmeceuticals skin treatments with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

The new product is suitable for all skin types and especially for older skins, lack of elasticity, and for those with dull and lifeless colors and brightness. Most of the lines of the firm are very suitable for skin being treated with cancer.

Youth Intensive Crème incluye principios activos hidratantes derivados de la botánica y también antoxidantes, exfoliating acids and growth factor. The firm is of American origin and was founded by Bryan Johns, DNA expert Institute longevity and Kronos, and Alec Call, Waly Dismy director of the Company.

In Spain, the firm is distributed in dermatology clinics, plastic surgery, Spa's, and centers dalud.

Precio.237 €

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