“Fit me Stick” for a perfect finish

Fit me Stick of Maybelline. A bar makeup application after a light, creamy texture and melt into the skin, “tachán”…turns to dust. So let's say this stick is the perfect equation makeup and powders in a single gesture. Also features a unique gel formula that provides a soft, lightweight coverage. Covers skin to perfection leaving a very natural effect, without masking your skin.

fit me stick de maybelline

The official makeup artist of Maybelline, Cat, have your own tips for using the Fit me stick

Apply Fit Me Stick directly on the skin by drawing lines on the forehead, under the arch of the nose, cheeks and chin. Merges the color on your skin with your fingers in a circular motion, smoothing it around until it melts completely with your skin. Evens tone and leaves a natural finish and matte stays perfect for hours.


Suitable for all skin types, however, thanks to the anti-glare core, mattifying powders composed of ultra-thin, instantly removes excess oil and gives a look matte, making it ideal for women with oily or combination skin. Also, his stick format allows quick and easy application throughout the day.

Price: 9,90€

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