She LOVED. A hymn to love

Four letters, -L Lolita and LEM Lempicka; sound - Elle L'Aime- and a universal message, the love, make the synthesis of the new fragrance Lolita Lempicka, who wanted to give all women a perfume kas of love that is determined to transform the self and nature.


The essence newly launched, ELLE L'AIME, represents the light that emanates from every woman in love. An infatuation that envelops the woman in a heavenly vertigo and transported to a lost moment in which life rises to the level of dreams. Fragrance, once known, emotion becomes intense and bright, a hymn to love and its power.

Green Lemon, white flower, Coconut Flower, jazmín e ylang-ylang, myrrh and sandalwood also team up to compose an essence composed of exceptional natural raw materials that have been obtained thanks to a cutting-edge technology. And all deposited in a bright and stylish case.

LOLITA Lempicka perfume

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