Those with just centimeters to you exceed

The imagináis end esos inches in will ni shots?. Liposonix, Solta Medical treatment to eliminate localized fat without surgery, is one of the treatments star. Liposonix has become the best medical tool, Noninvasive, to remove fat and reduce a dress size in a single session of one hour.


uses high-intensity focused ultrasound for localized fat destroy permanently and without risk to the body. Its method and technology are completely different from those of traditional cavitation and their results. Clinical studies have shown an average loss of 2,6 cm at the waist after a single session without retiring from working life, the equivalent of a size in clothes.

Best of all: Results. Este tratamiento solo necesita de una sesión para obtener resultados visibles. The promise is Liposonix treatment, one hour, one size smaller. The results indicate a reduction of approximately 2,5 cm in waist circumference, treating the abdomen and the sides.
It is the perfect treatment for those, both women and men, that, despite exercising and eating a healthy diet, not eliminate that inch more in the waist or in other conflict zones. It's perfect for removing fat from the waist and flanks and is particularly effective in the area of ​​the cartridge.

Price: from 1.000 € 3,000 depending on the areas to be treated.

Clinics and doctors who offer Liposonix in Spain

Pull. M ª Dolores Anton. Anton Clinic Clinic in Valencia and Madrid Ordás. Tel. 963 940 947 – 913431432.
Dr. Miguel Aragon. Mary Help Clinic in Seville. Tel. 954 540 631

Pull. M ª José Freire, Mary Help Clinic in Ecija. Tel 955 902 840
Pull. Mercedes Silvestre. Clinic in Alcala de Henares. Tel. 918 834 455
Dr. Miguel de la Peña, Diego de Leon Clinic, Madrid. Tel. 914 26 30 03
Pull. Basanta Fraile, Santiago de Compostela, 981 576 512

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    Those with just centimeters to you exceed | Beautopic, aporte valioso. Me encanta vuestra web.


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