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For years something has changed in the way consumers act, Now we are more responsible and more aware of the environmental situation and tomorrow. The brand Thierry Mugler leads 20 years very committed to nature, since launching its first source and reinvented the bottles filled gesture. Today, thanks to his wise vision of the world and the success it has had over the years, created the Source quad, it offers the possibility to fill the big four brand female perfumes: Angel eau de toilette, Angel water perfum, Alien and Womanity. All a bold and luxurious, for the planet.

La Fuente de Thierry Mugler

This idea gets one of the oldest rituals of humanity, when in the eighteenth century, most beautiful jars large perfume houses, could be filled at will with your home fragrance. This simple gesture meant an added value for the client, because the bottle was still a throwaway object and became a very valuable treasure, a luxury.

La Fuente

What are the ecological advantages?

When filling the bottle chosen, the client not only saves between 35-40% its economic value, but also, reduce the impact of packaging on the environment. an individual gesture, sensible and very easy to do. A moment of dialogue, pleasure, which makes the nearest woman accomplice of her perfume.

Price comparison:

Angel water perfum: Nomad Star 50 ml costs 99€.

Angel water perfum 50 ml * filled with Source: 61,50€

The Alien 60 ml: 98€

The Alien 60 ml * filled with Source: 59,50€

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