Depigmentation 3D

For those who have them are an ordeal, martyrdom and a constant concern. And, of course, not clear what to do or what remedy put. But know there is no time to waste and urged to seek the appropriate remedy.

We discussed the spots that disfigure our face. But, luckily, la cosmética y la medicina estética han asumido el reto de borrar manchas, to hit the target and rectify the tracks left on the skin genetic, stress, the sun and hormonal disorders.

Clean Slate skin. Here's how the firm Singuladerm relentless and goes directly to the target. And it does so with a treatment 360 –emulsion, serum and mask– and in order to get the skin back to look bright and shining.

XPERT Radiant Spf 30 es una emulsión iluminadora e hidratante de uso diario que contribuye a disminuir las manchas. On sale from September 2014.

Expert radiant_singuladerm

XPERT I.L.B. It is an ultra-concentrated serum, depigmentation, that blurs blemishes and evens skin tone. And


XPERT ILU Mask, the mask illuminating, decreases and prevents stains. Its formula and prevents gently exfoliated skin photoaging. The recommended.


Emulsion, tube 50 ml. 28,95 €.
Serum, four vials for 7 ml. 50,50 €.
Mask, 7 dose of 5 ml. 20,50 €

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