Japanese Dermolifting against flaccidity

Many women are concerned about the issue of sagging. Mostly because, although inevitable someday, wish that this day is so far away from our face and body.

flacidez facial

Firm and smooth face…SÍ Rostro de Bulldog….NO

So far from the lifts and other surgical interventions, arrive every day new less invasive techniques without knife through. The Dermolifting Japonés V-Lift, achieved an important Rejuvenation treated area, Thanks to the placement of a wire-shaped material resorbable and biocompatible with the organism.

Is carried out with fine needles, without making incisions and painlessly. It is suitable for men and women. As seen in the Pull. Maria Jose Barba, aesthetic medicine specialist

Japanese V-Lifts Dermolifting gets tense different parts, face and body

This technique is painless, Fast, being able to perform a face lift in 30 minutes and incorporated into daily life when treatment ends, without anesthesia infiltrated and with immediate entry into work or social life. Is a treatment of character clinical, so that only what can be done by trained medical, and Hospitals and Medical Clinics approved sanitary.

What is?

Begins with the removal of any impurities cutaneous. Then apply an anesthetic cream, the cold.
When it's done is put an antiseptic effect and defines the area to be treated, performing a network of lines drawing, which serves as a guide subdermal placement of the micro-wire dermalifting. Not necessary incision or no thread tensioning anchor. Are introduced through a needle puncture microscopic invisible and imperceptible, namely, minimum diameter. After entering the material Dermalif V lift, one proceeds to removing the cannula. The wire is then tensioned anchors without any. After the installation process is possible to apply a mask to enhance patient comfort.

Its durability is long term, since there is a fibrosis of the surrounding tissue treated that leads to a turgid appearance and reaffirmed. Namely, acts as a meshing, preventing falling sagging tissue and unpleasant, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

In short these wires act to generate a sort of biological or lifting “autolifting”

The yarns are reabsorbed at six months, but the tightening effect lasts between twelve and eighteen months, depending on the individual case.

Price: From 300€ about, depending on the degree of sagging and the treatment areas.

Pull. M ª José Barba Martínez. Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery

Tel: 91 556 80 79

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