giving back is not a problem

Since we have chosen dresses with open back, endless necklines for the back and the absence of fasteners for certain outfits that are crying, treatments are ideal for, show off the back of the body and not a trauma. Beauty back. The Pull. Adriana Ribe, dermatopatóloga Director Ribe Clinic, offers patients this exclusive Treatment To show off a beautiful back, flawless skin and a bright and uniform, combining protocol peeling exfoliante or moisturizer with the last fractional technology.

What is?

L'oreal proffesionnel

L'oreal proffesionnel

The aim of beauty back to eliminate pimples, spots, and recovering smoothness and softness. After peeling and laser, Relieving massage, the muscles in the area, often overloaded due to stress.

First, la Dra. Adriana Ribé begin treatment with the application of a medical peeling across the back. Depending on the needs of the patient the doctor will recommend a moisturizing peeling, if the skin is very dry, or exfoliating. Then, Dr. applies one of his last lasers, the Reaura. This new fractional laser (Fraxel Technology) acts shallower than other lasers, getting renew the epidermis and enable the formation of skin collagen, so you can skin look plump, light and healthy.

Finally, and aiming to eliminate the stress that may have accumulated in this area, Ribe Clinic specialist perform a specific massage to eliminate contractures back.

It's the perfect treatment to do it before attending an event or a summer party and that stunning dress you have left the 10!

price: 200-300€

where: In Ribe Clinic. Barcelona.Tel. 93.488.12.07

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