Eucerin shampoo that treats the scalp

Who would not like to have and wear a nice and healthy hair? It happens that sometimes we forget that the origin of a good coat is er a healthy scalp. And it may be that the choice of shampoo look that is suitable only for needs our hair –dried, encrespado, volumeless– but we consider that we need special treatment in the skin of the head.



Like the rest of the skin of body, scalp needs care and protection for everyone. This area may be altered in need of a specific treatment as occurs, for instance, his face. Oily dandruff, peeling or dryness and sensitivity are some of the most common problems you face.

Scalp sensitivity affects 60% Women and 40% Men and symptoms
They are burning, tingle, consumer, itching and redness. The causes are multiple, from the various climatic periods of stress conditions, excessive washing, exposure to heat dryers and irons or hormonal changes.

But sometimes the culprit is inadequate shampoo that produces this sensitivity. Many hair products take aggressive soaps and ingredients (as the case of dyes) that can cause allergies or altering the protective mantle of the skin.

And for proper health in the area Eucerin It has a line of products like Suave Shampoo pH5 DermoCapillaire focused on the needs of sensitive scalp. It is a gentle shampoo that prevents and eliminates dryness iirritaciones and pollen and other allergens hair. and it used as a normal hair shampoo whilst showering.

We have tested and works.
PVP: 10,50 € – Content: 400 ml

For sale in pharmacies, drugstores and El Corte English

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