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Achieve Perfect Eyebrows is an adventure when you do not have the knowledge and the right tools. Also, genetics plays an important role in this mission because some women are better equipped than others. There eyebrows, fine, long hair, very brown, fragile ... They all deserve proper treatment and for this there are some secrets you need to know.

No matter you eres rubia morena or, or the color of your skin. Each eyebrow is a world to be studied thoroughly and well, learn as they deserve mimarlas.

The brand Maybelline NY we uncover some tricks to achieve the perfect eyebrows hand of one of their expert: Barbara Crespo.

-A beautiful and well designed eyebrows are the perfect complement for a spectacular look.

-To frame look good we must consider the shape of the eyes and oval face.

-The eyebrow has a length determined by the nose. The beginning is marked by the groove of the nostril and the outer end of the lateral nasal flap.


-If they are too long, can be cut without abusing. Ideally it every 2 or 3 months.

-As Barbara explains, must not forget that eyebrows, like the rest of the body, we must take care with hydration and some care that will help keep them nice.

-To complete a good design eyebrows is aconsejable maquillarlas, comb and define. For this, Maybelline NY ha creado Brow Drama; eyebrows first mask which covers and fits the natural shape, depositing the right amount of product.

-Finally, remember that a Perfect Eyebrows always favor regardless of fashion expression and contribute to the look and strength.

Maybelline NY and Barbara say shaping eyebrows can hide and highlight certain features of the face and also have a look speak for itself.

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