How is a good diet Detox

It's very hip and the fault lies with the celebrities with much innovation and verbiage. But the truth is that it works, the Detox Diet, that there is nothing, that a cleansing diet or detox, World's best to start fresh and to bring your body. Eliminate toxins, fat, skin rejuveneces, lose volume, and, ultimately, you give your body a break for renewal inside.


What are the keys to a good diet detox?

Dr. Marisa Platero, Aesthetic Medicine specialist hospital San Roque Maspalomas, tells us that “is a detoxifying or cleansing diet, that seeks to eliminate the toxins that the body accumulates by several factors”.

Alejandro Junger, Uruguayan cardiologist, es el creador de este popular “régimen” que se ha puesto de moda entre algunas famosas de Hollywood capaces de apenas probar bocado para lograr una depuración total del cuerpo. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Karan, Martha Stewart, the support and follow faithfully.

  • A classic detox diet, closely resembles a typical vegetarian diet, a number of additional factors such as fasting periods.
  • Intake fruits and vegetables organically grown, sin ningún tipo de pesticidas ni abonos químicos.
  • Abundant intake liquids. We recommend a minimum of 8 Natural glasses of water a day, avoiding fruit juices due to its high sugar concentrations. If allowed vegetable juices.
  • Progressive Stages controlled fasting.

Está contraindicada en mujeres embarazadas in the period lactation, renal, depressive syndromes, in diabetes and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, as the lack of certain nutrients can cost consideration.

No debe realizarse la dieta más de 7 days in a row and in case of repeat, wait at least a month. Diet each week also achieved a body detoxification, a weight loss of up to three kilos.

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  1. spa medellin
    06/10/2013 at 23:30 (4 years ago)

    Que dieta tan interesante, de verdad que todas las personas la deberíamos realizar,porque como comentas en el blog es ideal para desintoxicar nuestro cuerpo, y si la complementamos con masajes, definitivamente vamos a tener el cuerpo que siempre deseamos ademas de un cuerpo saludable que es lo principal.


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