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ANGEL thierry mugler

Thierry Mugler Angel reinvents its star

Autor María Víllora More Posts La nueva imagen de Ángel se vuelve audaz y fascinante, therefore choosing your new muse, Georgia May Jagger, as its new image with a different container. An irrational and edgy scent that combines tender childhood memories with infinite spaces. This creation plunges us into an unknown universe in which the woman is a glamorous heroine multifaceted. Same perfume, other packaging. Now his star baseless, levitating on itself. Its fragrance starts the gustatory gender in perfumes and creates a new olfactory family, of oriental gourmands. ANGEL, despierta a la mujer […] Read more…


Flower by Kenzo. Su nuevo Eau de Toilette

Author Mary Villoro More Posts A feminine floral scent of magic lleno Whose story transcurre in Paris. The Seine is dyed red with its studded background of poppies, in which a fairy dips and begins to release flowers around town spreading his power. Flower by Kenzo contains this floral powdery magic of an elegant classic that embraces you with its aroma. su chord floral pink, violet and hawthorn, mixed with vanilla and white musk and a touch of incense. Kenzo perfume has creao Poppy, a simple and beautiful flower whose petals spread their energy inspired poetic romanticism […] Read more…

Jour d´Hermes Absolu_beautopic

Smelling nice smell good before

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Ramos, ramilletes, manojos, strokes, you do; cut flowers in garden or indoor flowers; flowers of morning and afternoon…a symphony of flowers composed a special fragrance, written with a definite style and caressing: Absolute day d'Hermes. It is a fragrance, after his predecessor Jour d'Hermes, that rewrites the floral theme from voluptuousness, an essence that shines with a new glow, a statement and a tribute to the woman with case. A perfume, in brief, sucking –in the words of its creators– a “smell nice” before the “smell good”. And it gets fully with its multitude of flowers caught in a […] Read more…

ROSA Eau Legere Tous

The magic dawn awaits

Author Lola Santaella More Posts facet more delicate and light pink, the magic of dawn can be found and we all wait in Pink Eau Legere, la nueva toilet water all, and recently launched following the success of the previous: “Pink”. Rosa invited on a journey to happiness. That was the fate, but where the source was? Very simple: it is a unique time, bright, magical, the dawn of each day, Now that is an inspiration for the birth of Eau Legere. The essence of the new fragrance, which absorbs the radiance of rose […] Read more…


An injection of positive energy for Dad

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Dad And what we offer? Good…it could be something that makes you look forward, not have at home and also to provide an injection of positive energy. Lately, work and worries seems to be a little down in the dumps. No problems, already have. Do not give more laps: Hermès Terre Très Eau Fraiche is a very good solution. The new male fragrance from Hermés is a shower of optimism that will not leave indifferent any man, and follows the track of Earth d'Hermès. Now, Three Eau Fraiche version, also continues the saga of […] Read more…

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