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TOUS awaits you. Take me with you!

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Y concluida la Semana Santa, and with the spring already installed on your calendar, new concerns arise, new preparations and start thinking on bright days and, how not, on Mother's Day, to pay tribute to who gave us life and to which we owe so much. Each year we renew the spirit greatest illusion. The change of season we are happy spirit every season. Sprout new ideas, 'New purposes!! The best climate renews and so does our best dreams: That trip you have pending, food with a special person in your life, recuperar el […] Read more…


mysterious lady. Para las chicas con estilo

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Lleva el sello de Salvatore Ferragamo y representa la celebración de la faceta más misteriosa de las chicas con estilo. Mysterious Signorina is a new bold fragrance that releases the secrets of girls who dictate the rules of his own life and is intended for a girl who always has a mischievous smile, even when seduces.    Una joven risueña que concibe su vida como un juego y que elige siempre el papel que desea interpretar en cada momento. Disfruta siendo el centro de atención y sabe siempre que es el objetivo de la mirada de un hombre que la espera a […] Read more…


Perfumes with rock soul. Room 1015

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Un doctor en Farmacia reconvertido en rockero, two prestigious perfumers and a mythical hotel room. This unexpected trio is responsible for Room 1015, a new fragrance brand that has just arrived in Spain and which involves two antagonisms: pdsicodélico extravagance of rock and romance of niche fragrances. La marca se presentó en el espacio dedicado a la belleza de autor, Le Secret du Marais El rockero fracés doctor Mike eligió a dos perfumistas Amelie Bourgeois y Anne-Sophie Behagel para crear una línea de fragancias unisex que recogiera sus memorias olfativas basadas en la música. Y el resultado son cuatro […] Read more…


Un perfume para cada papá

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Corbatas, shirts, watches…everything is permitted to honor the father if he is given away with love and honor him for his dedication and love thinking about the children. But why not a fragrance? What you are really seen giving perfume? Good…It depends on who we choose. There are many who are going strong and that have been created for parents of different tastes, attitudes and characteristics. Think about how the and help you find the right one. We present a few. Sure acertáis with the most likes. Your father is romantic, sensitive and is awaiting the whole family? The choice is easy. Seguro que […] Read more…

Puré tonka

The exaltation of the senses. A*men pure Tonka

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Thierry Mugler se vale de su experiencia como creador de perfumes para ofrecer a su héroe, A*Men, a new reinterpretation of his strength and his manhood ... And in the central note of his new perfume introduces a noble material, rigorously selected, which transforms the hero A * Men in a contemporary gentleman with an irresistible power of seduction: tonka bean.    Un haba tonka torrefactada de notas tostadas. Delicious, soft and sensual. The star of the fragrance ingredient that gives it its highly addictive nature and its eastern dimension. La fragancia combina la intensidad carnal y tórrida del haba tonka con la aromática frescura de […] Read more…

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