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Yoga para niños y mamás

Author Mary Víllora More Posts A year ago Elena Ferraris opened in the neighborhood Chamberí. A bright living space, perfect place to find peace. Under the slogan “breathe”, Elena combines the therapeutic and restorative yoga that prevents injuries and helps with body symmetry. With current techniques such as mindfullness, and his training as a health coach, results in body and mind are visible from the first session. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Also he teaches classes for moms and moms, with always small groups for more personalized attention. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Yoga for children is headed by Patricia Santos, professor specializing in this field, integrating […] Read more…

Prevention and hydration stand up to atopic dermatitis

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Over 20% Spanish children suffer from Atopic Dermatitis, a chronic skin disease that has increased more than 200% in recent years and usually associated with outbreaks and have their sharper peaks in spring and autumn. Times when itching, eczema and discomfort become more defendants. It often happens that the products are used only when the buds begin to appear or when the skin has its own irritations, whereby the acute phases tend to enlarge over time and cause discomfort and itching in both adults and children. […] Read more…


Baby care and happy

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Nutraisdin, ISDIN brand specializing in the daily care of baby's skin has relaunched its line recognized after their 20 years of experience. The range, renovated with a new and attractive packaging and image, Pediatric and is dermatologically tested and has been formulated to protect, regenerate and moisturize baby's skin. All products are provitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) getting protect, soften and prevent baby dehydration and vitamin ensures the integrity of the skin and increases its child protection capacity. Also, They are hypoallergenic, They have high tolerance and paraben. The range for baby […] Read more…


Weleda le da la bienvenida al mundo

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Many know what it is to bring a baby into this world and have no idea where to start. creams, diapers, bags, patucos, sacamocos,pacifiers, etc. We supply not asking for things and thinking that something eludes us. And we are right, because the moment of giving birth and subsequent weeks are already quite intense to, also, remember every detail. So Weleda has created the set welcome baby, with a selection of creams to protect your skin from day one. And it becomes the perfect gift for moms. & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & nbsp; natural products with organic ingredients as […] Read more…


Regala Mimos con Carelia

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Karelian brand proposes two packs for kids in the house. The good news is that they are made with products 100% natural to gently pamper the skin of babies and accompany them in moments of every day.    Pack essentials. Suitable for skin and hair of infants and young children. Shampoo and bath gel that protect and provide softness and hydration. With oat extract, organic calendula, honey and bisabolol. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; The body milk, valid for babies and children with sensitive skin or atopic. With oat extract, cottonseed oil, Shea Manteca, sweet almond oil and sweet almond […] Read more…


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