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The fashion for dental implants

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Sometimes the teeth are not as perfect as one would wish, they can even get to miss parts for various reasons such as rupture, detachment, accidents…After missing teeth mouth is not the same aesthetically and can soon become a trauma for many. The best solution to this problem are dental implants. What exactly are? It is an artificial root, usually titanium, replacing the tooth root and to which the prosthesis is placed subsequently. The result is identical to natural teeth, both in appearance and resistance. The loss of a piece, not only […] Read more…

vivir soñando_amaya arzuaga y solan de cabras

Solan de Cabras and Amaya Arzuaga create “Living dreaming”

Author Mary Víllora More Posts fashion designer Amaya Arzuaga collaborates in this audiovisual piece that travels along the most iconic brand packaging of Solan de Cabras. The video tells the story through characters related to the personality of Solán goats exhibiting their own dreams as a thread. It is online since 15 July on social media brand so that consumers do not just be a mere spectator of the campaign, but have an experience with it, given the opportunity to share his dream and become the next star of the campaign. […] Read more…

Russell Hobbs Mix-&-Go

Al rico Smoothie

Author Mary Víllora More Posts There's nothing more appetizing or healthy, in these hot days, a good smoothie freshly made. Mix & Go Russell Hobbs makes it easy with this compact mixer. Just mix the ingredients with some ice, Close the lid and ready! You can make creamed vegetables, Smoothies… quickly and almost without soiling. Look at all that includes this new healthy lifestyle essential: The vessels of this compact mixer are small and fit in the car cup holder. Includes 2 vessels 600 ml with lids. The batter is started by pressing the glass. […] Read more…


Aesthetic treatments for skin care

Author Mary Víllora More Posts We usually stay in the face and not down there, however, Summer must be careful with the skin of the neck and chest because they are areas of the body that are most exposed to solar radiation and more prone to wrinkles and spots. It is therefore very important to use high factor sunscreen before sun exposure and subsequent hydration. The free radicals, responsible for aging and deterioration of the skin, should be addressed with the production of antioxidants in the body. To this, addition to skin care […] Read more…

Vitaldent 2

cuidados básicos para mantener una boca sana

Autor María Víllora More Posts Hasta ahora, ir al dentista no ha sido un planazo para nadie, pero hoy día ese concepto ha quedado obsoleto. Now, acudir a la consulta a que te hurguen la boca puede resultar de lo más agradable y placentero ya que las clínicas dentales han evolucionado y su tecnología también. However, el cuidado diario desde casa es esencial. Debemos mantener una correcta higiene bucodental para lograr una boca sana durante toda la vida. Estos son los cuidados básicos en salud dental que debemos seguir: Dedícale a tu boca el tiempo que necesita a diario con losimprescindiblesHazte con un buen kit dental Combina […] Read more…

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