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The cheekbones, the secret to a perfect face

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Many of the most famous celebrities of the current scene, have strengthened their beauty thanks to a simple but flattering touch: Filling cheekbones. As he explains the dra. Natalia Uribe, Medical Director of Institut Dr.. Natalia Uribe, "The balance of the skirt is closely linked to the relationship established between the cheeks, cheeks and oval. And this balance is what brings more beauty to our face ". & Nbsp;Read more…

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Lipotransference, removable grease

Autor María Víllora More Posts Es el deseo de muchas: “I take from here and place it here”… is no longer a utopia through the lipotransference, that involves removing fat from the body parts leftover, mainly abdomen y cartucheras, then insert them into other parts of the body, with the assurance that there will be no rejection because it is the patient's own fat. El doctor José Aparicio Alcázar,specialist in plastic surgery, reparadora y estética de Clínica Londres responde a las 10 most important questions about this aesthetic intervention. – What is this treatment? La lipotransferencia consiste en la combinación de […] Read more…

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