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Ecografías cutáneas

Author Mary Víllora More Posts do you think if you say you will do an ultrasound skin? Una técnica que, hasta hace poco se ha utilizado únicamente en medicina tradicional, se abre paso en las clínicas estéticas que apuestan por su uso como diagnóstico previo. La única pega, according to Dr. Camino account Guallar, expert in ultrasound Clinical Purification Espallargas, It is that the results of this technique depends on the assessment of professional engaged. & nbsp; That is why these specialists require extensive training to interpret ultrasound scans correctly. & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & nbsp; The recent addition to certain clinics […] Read more…

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Laser liposuction

Author Mary Víllora More Posts One of the main shortcomings of conventional liposuction is difficult to correct the problems of sagging skin, well his recovery is often long and annoying. A few years ago began to experiment with a few lasers to overcome these problems and today it can be said that laser assisted liposuction is a revolution in the field of body shaping. Why laser? The lasers used in liposuction allows download, controllably, energy directly into the fat layer. The heat energy results in the temperatures reached and allows the destruction of cells […] Read more…


“mini-instinct”. The latest in cosmetic surgery

Author Maria Villores More Posts read mini iPad, a smaller room than the original, el Galaxy mini 2, S2, S4…mini mini nail polishes and cosmetics and all items that you can imagine in a miniature version, to, at least, air travel. No wonder that in terms of surgery also receive this concept somewhere. This is the case of the mini-lipos, which is nothing but the ligth version of the classic liposuction. But, Look out! not suitable for everyone, are specifically aimed at those who still have a good figure and without being overweight, have accumulations of […] Read more…

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More comfortable with a good bust

Author Mary Víllora More Posts It seems that this “two teats throw more than two carts” is still quite successful today, because many women are those who put their neck ahead of other physical and personal qualities. Personally I fail to understand this obsession for wearing an artificial breast, though perhaps it's because I do not miss my thanks to moderate in nature. But I'll be very honest, I believe that “man” It is the aim of this type of cosmetic procedures. The attention of a male, the power vested have a good pair of…, the personal satisfaction of being looked at by the […] Read more…

lifting brasileño

Operation thong with “lifting brasileño”

Author Mary Villoro More Posts All are concerned Tetris, namely, to reposition each piece like a puzzle until grease fitting seamlessly into every part of your body. If you have a flat ass, or simply fill you fancy a tad and give your buttocks touch the upturned Brazilian, then this is your treatment. Brazilian Butt Lift. This aesthetic trend is supported by advances in surgical technique lipotransference fat, to extract excess fat from other areas of the body to fill and raise the buttocks by placing them right on your site, and a much sexier way. What is the […] Read more…

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