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Rebel hero HE by Mango. Blatantly sexy

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Well yes. Blatantly sexy, bold, and sensual. With irreverent smile, magnetic personality and uniqueness, but extremely endearing. So, exactly so, saw Andrés Velencoso, a little over a week, when presented in Madrid a new fragrance for men, Rebel hero H.E.By Mango. After his feminine perfume, Lady Rebel, Mango firm invites us to explore the bolder side of her fragrances with a new perfume, this time for the guys…for captivating, suggestive…hazardous. Sometimes good and other, Thus no. Or what amounts to the same: two sides of the same hero. An essence representing both sides of a […] Read more…

Touches correction de Skeen+

the secret undetectable Paula Echevarría

Author Mary Víllora More Posts confessed a few days ago on his blog ELLE “On the trail of Paula”. Paula Echevarría, in one of its recommendations was shared with us their latest discovery correction touches skeen . Apparently ordinary corrector, but his secret comes to light once you apply it and appreciate how it blends with your skin and corrects imperfections, redness, circles and even fine lines. Best of all is that it is a unisex product, both men and women can enjoy its benefits and bring in your bag, tweaks ready for any occasion. Paula describes it… Not […] Read more…


Bulldog, more masculine line

Author Maria Villores More Posts An unexpected idea, BULLDOG Skincare for Men. a different concept of male grooming. Origin: UK. The culprits: Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrieren are the founders of this brand that is succeeding in parts of the world where you step. His secret: Natural ingredients, without chemicals and without touching a hair on any animals. For these two things and deserves my utmost respect and my support for the brand. It consists of the following products: Original Face Wash is a gel cleanser with a unique blend of 8 essential oils and green tea to gently exfoliate. P.V.P: 8,60 €. 175ml. […] Read more…

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