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Treatment with a facial Sorpréndele

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Another year is coming Father's Day, a date in which the children daisy defoliate to hit the perfect gift for Dad and not repeat. A perfume?, tie? ¿Handkerchiefs with his initials? A modern shirt? Bahhhh, if you have all. Good, almost everything. Lately shares some cream with mom and seems to like taking care of your face. Decided: this year we will surprise you with proper treatment your skin. The research shows that men's skin is about 20% thicker than women and more sebaceous glands ontains. It also has more collagen […] Read more…


Reto Somatoline 15 days

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Today not come to tell you anything about women, I bring a challenge for men. Notice that need a lot of willpower and perseverance because if the results are not what they should. & Nbsp; The challenge is to use, properly pack products Somatoline Cosmetics, to reduce and tone the male abdomen. & nbsp; -abdominales definition sport top cool. It is the toning gel, cold effect that favors the elimination of localized fat and toning the abdominal area. Namely, which helps make tablet if we use it well. & nbsp; My guinea pig (my boy) he did for two weeks. By day, […] Read more…


style Axe

Author Mary Víllora More Posts dates Given that we are, both to give to our men acicalar, Axe deodorant brand launches two packs to suit the different needs of men.    Axe Black: & Nbsp; for millennial men, They are representing the masculinity of the XXI century. A man faces new challenges and pressures that test their masculinity daily. Thus, to help adapt their new role, Axe proposes a perfect line to help them make their mark, gaining confidence and feeling attractive to the more subtle and elegant as possible. & Nbsp; & nbsp; The pack is composed neceser […] Read more…


Ellos también se rasuran

Autor María Víllora More Posts Hubo un tiempo en el que depilarse era solo cosa de mujeres y éramos nosotras las que nos comíamos la cabeza con productos, opciones y preguntas sobre nuestra piel. Hubo un tiempo en el que el término rasurarse también pertenecía al sexo femenino y podíamos estar orgullosas de lucir el “no pelo” en ninguna parte. Que tiempos aquellos… Ahora no es que ellos se depilen, es que se afeitan, se rasuran, se pasan la cuchilla y todos aquellos términos que nos eran nuestros en el pasado. Y es que el mundo está del revés desde que el vello en las axilas es sexy en las […] Read more…

GEL AFEITAR Sensitive (Alta) (2)

and make them sensitive skin??

Author Mary Víllora More Posts Though they are hard on the outside and have rough looking and burly, there are many men who have atopic skin and reagents. Since genetic factors, to environmental stress and, factors are involved in the majority of male skin problems such as dermatitis. This causes to increase the dehydration and deterioration of the skin barrier. Nivea has created a range especially designed for them “sensitive” To shave or not a problem the main cause of the sensitivity of the male skin. Sensitive Nivea comprises Men: -Sensitive shave gel: for a close shave and protects […] Read more…

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