Carven. A few notes of femininity

Simplicity, the freshness, an extraordinary charm and fashion spirit imbued with the main features of a new fragrance, Carven Perfume, boiling the whole fashion beautiful energy Carven. 're A water floral fragrance, Light and feminine destined to make history and recently submitted by dealers in Spain: Grupo Jacques Bogart.

Carven woman identifies with spontaneous, strong and fragile at the same time; undeniably chic and their children make it irresistible blunders. Flower Mandarin, White Hyacinth, sweet peas, jasmine, ylang ylang, Indonesian sandalwood and patchouli perfume adorn this house Carven structured the same as the models of Guillaume Henry, the great reformer of Parisian elegance, the man who designed models with which the girls are and feel beautiful.

  Carven Le Parfum

The case of the fragrance is pure freshness with a subtle green stripes and contrasts with the almost monastic rigor of the bottle texto.Y, de cristal esmerilado, resembles a flask and is crowned with a couture cover. A fleet Carven tag on his neck.

PVP. Container 100 ml: 85 €. You can find it in perfumeries Bodybell

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