Boom! Summer mask

“License to seduce”, This is the new challenge Astor launches women to succeed in whatever they set, and how they do? With a university degree?, business course?, session coach to believe more in the same? Not! Astor launches new explosive volume mask Big & Beautiful BOOM 24H! for myocardial flanges during 24 hours. A cosmetic, on second thought, will provide more than one free admission to any concert, Street or take the hot guy on duty because as its ambassador Heidi Klum "It's like a magic wand! Its extra large brush gently covers all my lashes without clumping, only one pass and ready!. Conseguir unas pestañas increíblemente grandes no podía ser más rápido y fácil."

máscara boom Astor

It's not just a mascara, is a gun to kill by a glance.


What is the difference with other masks?

La nueva máscara Big & Beautiful BOOM 24H is now available in a new deep black tone called "Killer Black". This new deeper color tone ensures an irresistible charm on your eyelashes. As always, This mask provides an extraordinary volume from the first pass, providing an incredible instant glamor. Also, with its unique oversized brush gives volume to your lashes without clumps and creating a sensational look. The unique formula of this mask is a dream to apply both to take. Its creamy texture is composed of collagen and vegetable waxes to maximize and beautify eyelashes every day.

Heidi Klum explains: "I think intensely black lashes are super sexy and seductive. I use Big & Beautiful BOOM! Killer Black when I want my eyes have an impact of heart ".

You know girls, if you want to have a compelling secret and become a beautiful secret agent, echad hand of your vanity and plays with a good eye drop. You will not have competition…

Price: 9.75€

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  1. plegado de chapa
    28/08/2013 at 07:32 (4 years ago)

    ¡Touche! Razonables motivos. Manten este espiritu es un blog sincero. Tengo que leer màs posts como este.



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