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alli helps you to rescue forgotten your clothes

9 decade 10 Spanish keeps in his closet a garment that bears without getting, at least one year, hoping to put it back on when you retrieve your size. there, the first weight loss drug without a prescription authorized in the EU, It presents the data collection clothes I "forgotten". According to the survey, the average is forgotten garments 5 items per cabinet. Hence, alli®, He organized an event to raise these garments, while it presented its product, that promises to help losing a 50% more weight than with diet alone. In this way, Brand […] Read more…


Master class Lancôme en World Duty free

Trucos de maquillaje sabemos todas y productos estrella también conocemos unos cuantos. Sin embargo, tener el privilegio de asistir a una clase magistral de maquillaje, de la mano de Petr Blecha, Make Up Artist internacional de Lancôme, no tiene parangón.  El lugar escogido fue la tienda World Duty Free del Aeropuerto de Barajas, Madrid, y los productos seleccionados para chivarnos sus secretos, fueron algunos de los lanzamientos de Lancôme, como su famoso Juicy Shaker y la paleta Audacity. Además hizo especial hincapié en cómo aprovechar las paletas de maquillaje y travel sets en nuestros viajes, como Absolu Au Naturel, a la venta en exclusiva en las tiendas WORLD DUTY FREE. […] Read more…


Mi bolso de viaje

Tenía ganas de escribir un post contando los básicos que suelo llevar en mi bolsa de viaje cuando salgo un par de días. I mean only beauty products and tidbits course. I leave a photo with those who are my essentials when I go a few days away from home. They are small, very practical and each of them has fallen in love with something… & Nbsp; Nars multiple -orgasm. A product that solves multituso you more of a hurry. It Cheek, eyes and lips and texture is a joy. It leaves you in 2 minutes, a fresh and youthful look. -Juicy Shaker de Lancôme. El aceite bifásico para […] Read more…


Fotoprotector en brocha?… Yes

Ha llegado un producto inesperado que facilita aún más el acto de protegernos la piel de los efectos nocivos del sol. Definitely, if we do not is because we do not want. & nbsp; & Nbsp; & nbsp; Mineral SunBrush, de ISDIN, It is a mineral photoprotection brush with a portable design that offers high protection UVA / UVB SPF50 . Formulated with filters 100% minerals that make it perfect for sunscreen 365 days a year. & nbsp; Its texture brings color no. It is ultra-light and mattifying and leaves the skin breathe, while it is cloaking brightness and imperfections. Also, su diseño portátil hace que sea muy sencillo aplicarlo en cualquier momento del día y llevarlo en el […] Read more…


Labios irresistibles con Sensai

It is shown and no one disputes. A healthy face, clean and well hydrated is the first commandment of female beauty. And if you add makeup well, It would be reached near perfection. Aware of that maxim, Sensai Sensai launches these days ROUGE SILKY DESIGN, the new collection of lipstick that firm. Silky and light, each lip provides nutrition and glides effortlessly thanks to its formula of soothing balm. And besides being perfect as much as lipstick or eyeliner, these lipsticks provide a clear definition to design and enhance their beauty. Entre los principios activos principales incluyen aceite de girasol extraído de […] Read more…

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