Collection extracts Perris Monte Carlo

The perfumer Gian Luca Perris launches a complete collection of excerpts from his mythical Black Collection. A treat for lovers of the great perfume.

The Black Collection of Perris Monte Carlo& Nbsp; comes from a worldwide search, exceptional raw materials Every detail has been taken care of, nothing is left to chance. Its formulation has been redesigned to achieve not only an olfactory concentration 30%, but also the more subtle and delicate balance, providing unique nuances. Each composition has been rebuilt, enhancing the level of some ingredients and, in some cases, highlighting sidebars.

& nbsp; Old Imperial, Ylang Ylang Nosy Be, Rosa de Taif o Patchouli Nosy Be, are the names of these beauties in its purest form.

The price of each of the extracts it is 275 € and its format is 50 ml. 

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