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Nutraisdin, mark Isdin specializing in the daily care of baby's skin has relaunched its renowned line after their 20 years of experience. The range, renovated with a new and attractive packaging and image, Pediatric and is dermatologically tested and has been formulated to protect, regenerate and moisturize baby's skin.

All products are provitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) getting protect, soften and prevent baby dehydration and vitamin ensures the integrity of the skin and increases its child protection capacity. Also, They are hypoallergenic, They have high tolerance and paraben. The range includes products for baby care of baby's bottom, skincare, first teeth, and body care. Also, Nutraisdin, It has two original baskets and very complete, ideal for gifts available in two different sizes.

Nutraisdin Nappy cream is indicated for the daily care and protection of the diaper area. Its soft and light formulation is ideal for daily use in that area and is able to form an absorbent protective barrier that insulates and protects the skin from potential irritants.

PVP ,52 € 100ml format / 10,57 € 250ml format

The ZN40 is a specific reparative and protective cream for the diaper area, with a 40% zinc oxide. effectively repairs the skin and improves skin barrier and irritations, rashes and redness. Effective from first use. Also, It provides maximum protection in case of sensitive or delicate skins and long periods of use of the diaper (p. not. At night). It stands out as also indicated for atopic.

PVP: 7,23 € 50ml format / 11,38 € 100ml format

The AF is a restorative miconazole ointment for the dermatological care of the gluteal epidermis in case of infection (presence of fungi or bacteria). Ingredients help prevent the growth of microorganisms and neutralize the enzymes responsible for skin irritation and to regenerate the skin barrier.

PVP: 11,71 € 50ml format

For facial skin care baby, the brand has the Cold & Wind, an ideal balm for facial care, protection and repair of baby's face. Particularly suitable for cold and windy situations that can attack their delicate skin. Favors the restoration of the skin's surface and protects red. The only one of the range with a 5% provitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol).

PVP 6,24 € 50ml format

Nutraisdin Facial 15 and 30 are two products of daily use with Sun Protection Factor ideal to moisturize daily fragile baby's face while protecting against daily aggressions from solar radiation UVA-UVB.

PVP: 8,95 € 50ml protected format 15 and 12,64 factor euros 30

As the first teeth and diaper rashes are related. During the dentition, feces contain an excess of slime that makes them more acidic. This is causing rashes and redness in the diaper area. Thus, Often the existence of dermatitis in the diaper area is associated with the appearance of the first teeth. Two other products for the area around the mouth.

And for the ideal body is a body lotion for daily care of baby's skin. With light texture of easy expansion and rapid absorption. Takes care, moisturizes and protects the delicate skin of children, leaving it very soft. And a shampoo for daily hygiene.

PVP: 7,97 € 200ml format /

Likewise, Nutraisdin has two attractive baskets: Nutraisdin Baby Box y Nutraisdin Maxi Baby Box, both in pink version for girls and blue for boys.

The smallest has five products and its price is 34,95 euros. And the biggest product includes six larger and is priced at 34,95 euros.

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