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Labios irresistibles con Sensai

Author Lola More Posts Santaella is shown and no one disputes. A healthy face, clean and well hydrated is the first commandment of female beauty. And if you add makeup well, It would be reached near perfection. Aware of that maxim, Sensai Sensai launches these days ROUGE SILKY DESIGN, the new collection of lipstick that firm. Silky and light, each lip provides nutrition and glides effortlessly thanks to its formula of soothing balm. And besides being perfect as much as lipstick or eyeliner, these lipsticks provide a clear definition to design and enhance their beauty. Among the main active ingredients include […] Read more…


TOUS awaits you. Take me with you!

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Y concluida la Semana Santa, and with the spring already installed on your calendar, new concerns arise, new preparations and start thinking on bright days and, how not, on Mother's Day, to pay tribute to who gave us life and to which we owe so much. Each year we renew the spirit greatest illusion. The change of season we are happy spirit every season. Sprout new ideas, 'New purposes!! The best climate renews and so does our best dreams: That trip you have pending, food with a special person in your life, recuperar el […] Read more…


Luxury Therapy. smart therapy

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Enamorada de su trabajo, research and extensive teaching vocation, Dr. Natalia Ribé just Lanza Luxury Therapy, a new line of cosmetics based on Stem Cell Technology based plant stem cells and smart peptides, his personal commitment to prevent and treat skin aging.    Después de años de investigación, He tells Dr., “I developed this line of cosmeceutical products composed grade and are an ideal complement for facial rejuvenation treatments for specific products and exclusive cabin” and applied in the Institut Dr. Natalia Ribé, in […] Read more…


mysterious lady. Para las chicas con estilo

Autor Lola Santaella More Posts Lleva el sello de Salvatore Ferragamo y representa la celebración de la faceta más misteriosa de las chicas con estilo. Mysterious Signorina is a new bold fragrance that releases the secrets of girls who dictate the rules of his own life and is intended for a girl who always has a mischievous smile, even when seduces.    Una joven risueña que concibe su vida como un juego y que elige siempre el papel que desea interpretar en cada momento. Disfruta siendo el centro de atención y sabe siempre que es el objetivo de la mirada de un hombre que la espera a […] Read more…


Beauty and sport united in The Beauty Concept

Author Lola Santaella More Posts Spring, Next to settle already in the calendar, It promises to be a season with exciting developments in the world of beauty. Especially for The Beauty Concept (TBC), Madrid aesthetic medicine centers, who defined on occasion as hogging more celebrities per square meter and that have some specialists for over ten years are showing their good work and their effectiveness in various medical-aesthetic treatments they provide. Among the plans for the coming weeks TBC contains a double opening, something unusual in the sector. On the one hand it will open a […] Read more…

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